Data Mastery in Freight Forwarding – eBook


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Digitalization is the game-changing trend in business today. It affects every company, and with that every freight forwarding and logistics services company. There is a lot of speculation about how exactly digitalization will manifest itself, how many jobs it will reduce and what the most crucial areas are that businesses need to focus on. This book provides a very practical perspective on how digitalization will impact the freight forwarding and logistics services industry and what measures a company must take to remain competitive.

Freight forwarding has a global market size of about $200 billion and is – if executed well – one of the most profitable industries in the world. Even before the age of digitalization there were huge opportunities in the industry to improve processes and service quality based on improved data quality. Improvements in data quality inevitably increase management precision in terms of better selling, pricing, capacity purchasing, capacity utilization and shipment routing. Improved data quality also increases customer service opportunities and quality in terms of better customer information and additional value-added services that can be provided. Finally, improved data quality will reduce administrative costs. In the past data mastery was an option. In the age of digitalization is has become an absolute must. Not doing so is a guarantee for bankruptcy.

This book is an absolute must-read for every freight forwarding and logistics manager and employee who wants to assure that his or her company can compete in the digital age.
The author of the book, Oliver Gritz, is a freight forwarding veteran with 35 years of experience in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. He has held senior executive positions in industry leading companies in all parts of the world and has been an advocate of work process and data management improvement his entire professional life.