Across the USA by bicycle – eBook


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Do you like cycling and have sporting ambitions and a sense of adventure? In this case, the crossing of the US – that is, a bike ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific or vice versa- is just the right thing for you. There are many reasons for this:
-The USA offers an optimal infrastructure for cycling.
-The country offers an abundance of natural beauty that you can experience and enjoy intensely while cycling.
-Depending on the route chosen, the journey (from 4,500 – 5,500 km) can be accomplished in just 6 weeks or less.
-The kilometers put into the required training and the trip itself will ensure that all superfluous body fat is removed and your body’s aging clock is set back by 10 years.
To briefly summarize: a USA crossing by bicycle is an adventure for anyone looking for a sporting challenge. Physical and spiritual restoration is guaranteed on this trip.